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i love this book!

hey guys! i just recently finished a trilogy called the hunger games. its an amazing book about a girl who live in the ruins of north america called panem. panem is split in to what are called districts.theres this thing every year called th Hunger Games, where a boy and girl from each district between the ages of 12-18 fight to the death in a large arena that is on live, national television. I have never read a better book in my life and its full of cliffhangers and socking moments. i encourage every young adult to read this (and adults too!). there are only three books but its packed with so much info. i loved it and i hope you will read it too!


Valentines Day:/

i have recently learned a life long lesson…neve ever get yourself mixed up with the wrong people when u know there the wrong people. i have finally learned that when people tell you your “soon to be boyfriend” is a dirty, nasty jerk…believe them. there more important than the guy of girl you supposedly love. really ask yourself about the person you like or youre dating. are they really worth it? with valentines day coming up, i know it would be hard for some people to think about it. we all want love on valentines day coming from someone we love! but we can compromise. my friend just broke up with her boyfriend so for valentines day, were going Pillow Pet shopping totherther. i have never been more excited about valentines day:) be true to yourself, dont lie for a person who just isnt worth it. Happy Valentines Day…

Ugly Sweater

today, my school had an ugly sweater day. i wore my moms old sweater to school. a friend of mine came up to me today and said,” i love your sweater,its so ugly!” i have never felt more loved:)

How fast should we read?

in my english class, we are reading the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. the class is only at chapter 10, but im on the 3rd book in the trilogy. i read the Hunger Games in a day and Catching Fire in a day…is that bad?

Ever Sit in Silence?

Today my friend came over to my house and i was talking to her about how we always have something to talk about. We laughed, and then suddenly sat in silence. I have never been more ashamed…